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Welcome to my icon journal, euphoricon!
I hope you enjoy your stay.
Please, stop and smell the synthetic blue roses.
Raise an eyebrow at the talking cats.
And take a look at those nifty graphics.
I am for you, my dear!

Here, I post my hard work and great achievements.
I may post icons. I may post friends only banners.
I may occasionally brag about the greatness of
communities that I am in and recommend them for
your joining pleasure. I may also, at some point,
make this a joint icon community -- but only if I
find someone who is yin to my yang, if you know what
I'm saying. So for now, just sit back and enjoy the fun.

Comment -- I love feedback on my work, even if you are not going to use it.

Credit -- That's a given. The things I do are not as easy as you might think.
They can take me hours, even days, depending on the complexity of the project.
It is only fair that you credit me for them.

Hotlink -- all you goshdarn want to. I really couldn't care less, unlike others.
I host my graphics on livejournal's scrapbook, which allows unlimited traffic.
However, you know, it might be more convenient for you to host the images
On your own server.

Join -- and friend this community! Even if you cannot post an entry at the moment,
you may be able to in the future. Also, I may need to make this community friends only if
anything goes in the wrong direction, which hopefully won't happen, but it's always good to
by prepared. Plus I like to feel loved. ♥

Icon brushes and textures by:
lookslikerain colorfilter colortone _joni
ryuichi 77words ps7_tutorials merely_anger
feiticeiraicons brokenicon catlove crushedviolet
crystalkirk tragic_icons oh_pants highlander_fan
kenaree inexorablyhere jeweledicecream orchidicons
icon_goddess xxabunaixx oxoniensis digitaljazz
emoico colortone unioncity customer_mimi
sheld0n teh_indy scatteredintime cielo_icons

Most Jun/Arashi pictures are from the great and incomparable arashi_yuuki!